For those of you who don’t know, Janmashtami is the Birth of Shri Krishna. And he is a lord in Hindu Religion. I want to use today’s Shri Krishna’s birth day because he has given us a lot of life lessons. And these lessons are very relevant in today’s world.

The first lesson that he says is:

1️⃣ NO JOB IS SMALL I can relate it back to the time when I was just starting, more than a decade ago, I had put a paper ad that I will fix computers, and I will fix it anywhere at home or office. It was the very first job of my business life. I got a call; I went to an office, I fixed a computer, and I got 30 dollars, three 10$ crispy notes. That’s where I started. Today I run a bunch of companies, and every one of them is making millions of dollars. So you always start small. In today’s crazy world of startups & million- and billion-dollar valuations, all that is perfectly ok, but it starts small, so don’t worry, start somewhere. Keep pushing the envelope to the next level.

The second lesson that Lord Krishna says is that:


A very important sentence that I have read long back, which said – whenever you see somebody either getting out of a storm, getting into a storm, or they are in a storm. Connecting back to my life, so I fast forward to my mid-life; this is when I basically lost a huge amount in millions. I was stressed, depressed, and wondering, after a decade of running a business, how I handle this and what is happened to me. I gave myself 24 hours and bounced back, and started looking back at all adversities I had faced in my life. And every adversity made me bounce five times, ten times ahead. I said OK, let’s look at the opportunity in this problem. And that’s when I decided I wanted to grow the company 10 times more than my initial plan. So, come over that, grew tremendously higher and saw this huge opportunity in that which made me reflect and grow the company much much larger than I could imagine if I didn’t have the adversity.

And the third principle that Lord Krishna talks about is that:


This is very relevant, so I use the recent example, now, I am on my video creation journey. This is technically my third video, and all I am trying to do is keep it genuine, add value to my videos and just leave it open. I am not sure how far this goanna go, how people gonna look at it, and eventually, where it’s gonna go. But I want to put in all my honesty, create this content and see what will happen. So, I am not going to look for the rewards, and I am just looking to create this content. There are many lessons if you look at Krishna’s life; I think I want to just leave with these 3 lessons and how they are actually connected to me in different parts of my life and I am grateful for his lessons and grateful for this life. Happy Janmashtami to all !!!