Last 100 books read by

Prabjeet Singh Anand

Read or listen to 100 recommended books and share your personal reviews for each.

Start Date: 23rd May 2021 – Estimated End before 31st December 2024

Why the 100 Books Journey:

The idea of reading the 100 books and writing down the review and my understanding of it.

Do you ever feel like you’re sleepwalking through your life?

It’s easy to go through the motions of waking up, going to work, eating, and sleeping, only to find yourself wondering where all the time went and what you did with your day. And the worst part is that for most of us, this cycle repeats on a seemingly endless loop forever.

Are you tired of that?
Do you ever find yourself wondering what it would be like if your life had turned out differently?

Well, same happened to me and I took up this 100 Book reading and reviewing challenge for myself, as it was time for radical change. so here I am doing what I think will add value to me and sharing my journey, hoping it will inspire or add value to yours.