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✨Practical AI Applications for Your Workplace.
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Anyone Curious About AI!

Why this free mini-course: Here’s the story


  • Our Experience: Over the past year, our dive into the world of AI brought fascinating insights. We realized, as we introduced our AI products internally, that many from varied departments (be it admin, sales, or accounts) felt lost in the jargon.


  • The Confusion: AI? LLMs? ChatGPT? While there’s a sea of LLMs (Large Language Models) – both open-source and proprietary – the maze of information left many overwhelmed.


  • Our Solution: To bridge this gap, we’ve crafted a mini-course, designed especially for you! Whether you’re in HR or any non-technical role, this guide breaks down the essentials, empowering you to harness AI’s full potential.


  • Why This Guide: After witnessing the positive buzz from our internal trainings, we thought, “Why not share this magic with everyone?” 🌟 Hence, this guide came to life – for our teams, for your teams, and for any curious mind out there!


  • Our Motive: Pure and simple. Spread knowledge. We’re not here to sell. Our goal? Make AI and prompt engineering so approachable that even a 10-year-old would say, “Got it!” and jump right in!


  • What to Expect: This guide is concise. Spanning just a handful of videos (each roughly 90 seconds) and bite-sized content, it’s designed to fit into your coffee breaks ☕. Dive in at your own pace, and uncover the magic of prompts.


  • Final Thoughts: We’re thrilled 🎉. And we believe you will be too. Remember, this is for everyone. Whenever you’re ready, this course awaits with open arms.


Let’s begin this enlightening journey! 🌟

Wishing you a day filled with learning and smiles! 😊


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