Prabjeet Singh Anand

As a seasoned CEO with two decades of multifaceted experience, I’ve embarked on a mission dedicated to democratizing AI accessibility for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), igniting innovation and catalyzing transformation.

I am deeply committed to fostering a hybrid workplace where people are at the forefront. With over a decade of experience in HR digital transformation, my core values revolve around enhancing Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, and Employee Well-being. I firmly believe that harnessing AI in HRMS, recruiting, and workflow automation will be a game-changer, providing organizations with a decisive competitive edge.

In my capacity as the founder and director of PeopleCentral, I prioritize product development, pioneering innovative AI-driven solutions, nurturing a vibrant workplace culture, and expanding our global reach. I specialize in crafting sales strategies and processes that drive business growth, specifically focusing on integrating AI solutions to scale clients’ operations locally and in Southeast Asia, facilitating their regional expansion objectives.

I leverage my profound HR expertise to drive the business and champion our flagship platforms, PeopleCentral, RecruitmentCentral & and EngageCentral. Our approach places AI-powered employee engagement at the core, emphasizing the importance of attracting resources that align with an organization’s purpose and values, thereby building a more purpose-driven workforce.

Join me in shaping the future of business and technology, where the convergence of AI and human-centric values creates unparalleled success. Let’s connect and explore how we can collaborate to drive meaningful change in the HRMS, recruiting, and workflow automation landscape, ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency.


We are here with an objective of creating cutting-edge technology that would cater to the needs of our valuable clients. As the concepts, methods and applications involved in ICT are constantly evolving on almost daily basis, it becomes necessary for the organizations to keep their systems and solution in line with the current trends.

People Central works with an ideology of providing quality technological solution on time. With a mission of moving forward by building and nurturing relationship with our customer through commitment We have built a skilled and professional team that works harder to ensure the best you can delivered leading to customer satisfaction.

Having happy and satisfied clients across the globe, we get inspired more to put our 100% in making a life-long bond through our services. We have a goal of making the best for our clients so that they can rely on us with utmost faith and our think tank keeps on reflecting innovative ideas for our strong client base. Avail the services from any part of the world and our comprehensive support and training team is always available to help without any holdup.

People Central works with an ideology of providing quality technological solution on time. With a mission of moving forward by building and nurturing relationship with our customer through commitment We have built a skilled and professional team that works harder to ensure the best you can delivered leading to customer satisfaction.

Hiring, Onboarding, Talent Management, Performance Appraisal, Payroll, Learning & Development, Timesheet, Scheduler, Leave, Claims, Mobile Apps & Chat bots – all in one place.

Get both attendance and temperature readings of your team without touching any surface in one fixed facial recognition system.

SMEPAYROLL is the developed using latest .net technology to make it extremely powerful, yet simple-to-use Payroll system. With its superior features SMEPAYROLL is the best available payroll software to process your own payroll in-house.


Recruitment Central believes that the aspect of production especially capital cannot be maximised and the profitability cannot be fully utilized without adequate number of well trained, qualified and experienced human resources or manpower.

Our Recruitment Consultants have extensive recruitment and commercial backgrounds and bring together a myriad of skills and knowledge, gained over years of working in the various business environments like Information Technology, Banking & Finance and Engineering. This enables us to offer a unique and broad understanding of the commercial market place and therefore an effective resource solution.

Permanent Placement

We have over a 2 decade of experience focused on finding and placing experts at all levels in the industries we serve. As a result we bring you a pipeline of experienced technical professionals looking for full-time positions.

Contract Placement

We do all the work for you in order to allow your company to gain a valuable employee without worrying about recruiting and administrative tasks. The contract placement services that we provide include careful screening of any candidate who may fill short-term positions.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing is the act of delegating payroll administration to third party having expertise in payroll processes. Generally companies outsource their payroll functions to cut costs, and to get better services.


SA VISA CENTRAL is integral to A&B Group, known for its best visa and immigration consultancy services. It is a team of experts doing wonders with their skills and hard work to establish your goals. We at SA Visa Central prioritize your requirements as the foremost. Immigration consultancy is a broad umbrella under which we provide several valuable services. For individuals willing to pursue their education abroad or the ones who are eager to expand their businesses, then SA Visa Central stands with you. We are a time saver for you to get permanent residence or citizenship by investment for HNI’S in your desired country. Our proficiency gives you the best services to grow your career and become a go-getter.

Student Immigration Consultancy

We are with each student who aspires to build a successful future abroad by not only providing them with the best student visa services but also with other advantages. Experience with studies is the best combo for every student to build their full potential, which is why we offer them guaranteed paid internship opportunities.

Worker Immigration Consultancy

All the professionals, businesswomen/men, or entrepreneurs who wish to establish a successful enterprise or business can rely on us to get their work permit without any stress or pressure. Along with this, we assist everyone with relocation and citizenship assistance.


Go To Market Company was born from an idea of a team of C-suite as well as Senior Professionals, who have been working for over 20 years in Various industries including forturne 500 companies

We have found on our professional path, many small and medium sized companies as well as young start-ups, struggling to grow their International Sales across the South East Asia and Global territories due to the initial high set up cost and considerable length of time. Cost and time due also to the difficulties in finding the right talent where needed, advancing exorbitant investments with an uncertain return.


A&B engineering with its mission of delivering world class innovative techniques to clients has entered into the ambit of engineering to cater all needs and meet new requirements as per needs of our valuable customers. With its expert and innovative team, original and more effective cum better solutions are provided to clients that meet new necessities or existing market needs. As technology is touching new heights, it gets necessary to bring new ideas to meet the expectation of the market. Our expert engineering team identifies, understands and interprets the constraints on a design in order to produce a successful result which not only enough to build a technically successful product but also meet further requirements.

A&B engineering is equipped with all modern scientific and technological as well as the typical business application software to cover all dimensions to deliver the latest technological based engineering services to our clients. Our engineers use their knowledge of science, mathematics, logic, economics and appropriate experience to find suitable solutions to a problem. Every product or construction used by modern society is influenced by engineering and as we know that engineering is a very powerful tool to make changes to environment, society and economies, and its application brings with it a great responsibility. It becomes very imperative for us to provide you the best ever innovation which lasts longer and can also meet further things.


A&B Construction began its venture into the business of construction in less than a decade. Now within this short period of time, it is known as a company of reputation, built upon the solid building blocks of transparency and progressiveness.

With our expert team of professionals, we handle all the responsibilities of public safety, time management, cost management, quality management, decision making, mathematics, working drawings, Project Management Planning, Contract Administration and human resources. One of the main reasons for success is our unique and flexible way of functioning which allows us to adapt to the exact nature of any project in a relatively shorter span of time. This flexibility has given us the ability to develop a deeper insight into handling construction projects of various kinds and sizes.


Advance & Best Offshore Engineering provides expert engineering services to support offshore technologies and services. Our projects range from conceptual studies which help maximize value early in field development to full detailed design and engineering support for construction.

In addition to design, our experience with project execution through final installation and handover allows us to add value by providing engineering support for phases of any project. Major infrastructure projects, such as a state of the art utilities centre, support the business in achieving best in class energy efficiency and reliability. A&B Offshore engineering believes that new production lines are constructed to meet changing consumer demands, and high-speed packaging machinery is delivering new, innovative pack formats. Our skilled team of professionals is on their work to invent new and give your business right dimension in this competitive world.