3️ golden rules of Guru Nanak and how they became the foundation of Sikhism.

Sat Sri Akal, a very happy Guru Nanak Jayanti to All of you. Guru Nanak Is the 1st Guru of Sikhs. Sikhs have 10 Gurus and Guru Nanak was the first Guru.

Sikhism is one of the youngest religions on Earth just 500+ years, and a lot of Guru Nanak’s teachings and foundations are very relevant in today’s day, so quickly go with the three of them, which are

  • Kirat Karo
  • Vand Chakho, and
  • Naam Japo,

So I’ll break it down for you all.

1. Kirat Karo basically means “Live an honest life”, Work with honesty.

Guru Nanak Ji said that you’ve been given this life.

RESPECT IT, APPRECIATE IT & do whatever you wish to do but do it with all your honesty

2. Vand Chakho: means – “shares what you earn”. So, what is taught and Sikhism and Guru Nanak do you share before you look after yourself? Guru Nanak had started langer, so if you visited a Gurdwara or a Sikh temple, you see free meals for everyone, irrespective of Gender, caste, religion, etc.

This was started about 500 years ago, as he believed in humanity more than caste or religion. The langar concept is still serving a large and vast cause. Currently, in the Russian and Ukraine war, you could see a lot of tweets and videos, and newspaper articles talking about how Sikhs have been providing “food with dignity” to the needy in Ukraine,

And the third, it’s

3️. Naam Japo, meaning “Meditating” In the daily prayer that Sikhs perform we say “Sarbat da bhala”. Sarbat da bhala which means “blessings for everyone” or literally “may everyone prosper”

To put this in very concise and clear language, the term invokes the Sikh to request, pray and ask the Almighty for the well-being of all of humanity, prosperity for everyone (regardless of religion) in the worldwide community, and global peace for the entire planet. A Sikh selflessly prays daily for “all to prosper”‘.

These three of his golden rules have become a foundation of Sikhism, and I thought I’ll take this opportunity today to talk about 3️ golden rules.

This is so fundamental, which has done amazing things for me and the Sikh community and then all humanity altogether.

So, Guru Nanak came to this 🌎earth. For humanity, he didn’t come for Sikhs; he didn’t come for individuals, So, I will leave you with this message the 3 golden rules of Guru Nanak were about to

“Live honestly, share what you have with others & meditate, focus”