Revamping the🎖️inspiring stories of women in the corporate world

– with Women@peoplecentral Series 2!🎥

After one year since we shot Women@peoplecentral Series 1, the team is back and shot series 2 with a new perspective and learning from new team members (women’s of course).

🎥We have shot 10 videos with another 10 amazing women at PeopleCentral – Gurjeet Kaur, Khushboo Raina, Nikita Digra, Soniya Kaur, Navereen Kour, Saroj Sharma, Pardarshi Kapoor, Ivneet K., Priyanka Vaishnavi, Ritika Tyagi

Covering various topics from equality in the workplace, women in empowerment, women with confidence, etc.

People Central in fact has a team with a larger portion of women than men.

I would like to personally thank🙏each and every one of them, as every 🏆success, and every📶milestone we achieve has a direct contribution from them.

(Not demeaning or taking away anything from the men at PeopleCentral, they are brilliant too.)

For series 1 and Series 2 videos –