“There is a difference between being in prison and being a Prisoner”.

Happy Diwali – Sikhs celebrate Bandi Chor with coincides with Diwali

Let me quickly run through it, Why do we celebrate Bandi chor and What is Bandi chor?

Bandi chor is an event that coincides with Diwali. It’s a celebration of Guru Har Gobind’s return after the release of 52 Kings and princes from the Gwalior prison.

The story goes this way – Guru Har Gobind Singh was imprisoned with another 52 Kings /Prince in the Gwalior prison and was considered a political prisoner at the times of the Mughal empire, under the rule of emperor Jahangir.

All these kings and princes were put into prison just because they didn’t believe in or work with the Mughal empire.

When Guruji was in-prisoned his disciples went to the prison to ask Guruji. How in these dire conditions, you are able to live, meditate, and continue to motivate and impact others?

Guruji said one thing, which is what I want to run the whole story around, he said. “There is a difference between being in prison and being a Prisoner”.

I’ll come back to this sentence later.

On the day he was supposed to be released, he said he would only leave the prison when the other 52 other kings/princes are also released.

Jahangir did not want to release the other prisoners so that of a plan and added a condition he said, OK, I’ll let you do that, but the condition that only the number of kings/princes who can hold your robe can come out along with you.

A special robe/clack that was stitched with 50 strings. All of them held a string and came out.

When Guruji came back with 52 Kings and princes the were celebrations called Bandi chor. (Which means releasing the prisoners)

Now let’s come back to the point which I want to elaborate on.

“The difference between being in prison and being a prisoner Is very different”

In today’s world, we all have imprisoned ourselves in one or the other form, so I don’t know. I would not be judged here what we are imprisoned too. It could be hatred, love, relationship, money, whatever.

So probably the message that I want to give is, “the right celebration of Diwali would be when we are able to come out of imprisonment.

Hopefully, the light of a candle/diya this Diwali dispels something that is impressing you and fills your heart with love while making your life more beautiful.

I wish all of you an amazing Diwali.