A very happy 75 years of Independence to all Indians.

That’s 3 quarter of a century! What a great time to celebrate.

On this glorious 75th independence day, I could not stop myself from sharing a couple of my thoughts through a video. Also, it’s my first attempt at creating a video in Hindi. I have translated the same below for my nonhindi-speaking connections.

Sat Sri Akal

On this 75 independence day, I would like to wish my friends, all Indians, a very happy independence day. Also, on this day, I thought of sharing a couple of thoughts that have been with me for quite a while.

Firstly every year during Indian independence day, I see many countries respect decorate their famous monuments with lights depicting the Indian flag, like Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Effiel tower in Paris, Niagara Falls in Canada, and Mountains in Switzerland, and many more.

I used to wonder what I could do on a personal basis, but then it struck me as a Sikh, our Gurus have given us such an amazing gift, the turban (pagadi), and we give it the highest importance. So thought of tieing my turban and tributing the Indian flag.

I liked it a lot and hoped you all like this small gesture.

Secondly, I want to share something that is written in our holy book, “The Guru Granth Sahib.” I was discussing this particular of slok a couple of days back and thought this is just right for this day.

“Pavan Guru, Pani Pita, Mata Dharat Mahat,” which means Air is the Guru, Water the Father, Earth, the Eminent* Mother. As I was born in this country’s motherland, I grew up drinking the water and breathing this air, and I am proud of it.

Today whatever I have become or achieved, a large part is dedicated to all of these. and with this, I would like to wish everyone a very happy Independence Day