Are you doing the best you can? Giving your 100%

Yes – No – Maybe

On Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, I thought of speaking on one of his quotes which is a century old

“The difference between what we can do and what we capable of doing with suffice sort of the world’s problems” very deep that it’s so relevant even today.

If I ask a question in regards to life or a job

Are you doing your absolute best (giving your 100%) or just doing things as they go?
I don’t need an answer, most of us know what the answer is.

We all generally tend to stick to something which is in between, the OK version.

We are not pushing it to the maximum, and the question is why?

Well, again, a lot of people will not have the answer to that too, and even I don’t have an answer for you; Maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s self-discipline or some other challenges.

Then why did Mahatma Gandhi quote this a century ago?

I suppose he knew we all are full of potential, and if we can maximize what we are capable of, we can do wonders, we can do magic.

So the question that arises is not about what we can do, but how we get to there. Let me elaborate on three simple points of what I think

1️. WHY statement: We need to have a BIG WHY, why are we doing this in the very first case, and if you don’t have enough BIG WHY it will slide off at some point.

2️. Do it anyway: why do I say do it anyways, what we see is we are not always excited about things; we can’t be excited every day right?

That’s also why I think the NIKE slogan says “just do it”.

it’s not easy for an athlete, mother, professional, or anyone to be pumped up every day, so don’t think about it, just do it every day, just do it.

3️. Have an Accountability: which may be made public, say, I am going to do this, make it public, so it pushes you, whatever works for you. These three points have worked wonders for me.

  • What do I do?
  • Do I just talk?
  • I just do preaching here and don’t practice?

What I do is I have 90 days journal, I refresh it every 90 days, and I ask myself is this my best version if not What I am changing this time

Once I have created by action plan then every Friday, I look at it to see whether I am working towards it if not, If not I do a course correction. This has been working for me.

Let’s on this Mathma Gandhi’s Birthday,

See if we can pick one thing and give the best we can do it (100%) and let’s see how the magic happens.

I am sure we all want to look back and say:
“That was the best version of me, and I did what was best capable of me.”

To your best version