Happy International Coffee Day – Today I felt like sharing one of my personal journeys on the professional network

🏆 Today we completed #50th Cafe.🏆

100 Cafe or Restaurant Journey: To experience 100 new cafes or restaurants with Anita, record the experience and take a photo in the same pose every time. –

❓ Why the 100 Cafe or Restaurant Journey?
On my 6-pack journey in 2021, I got myself into a state of the strictest diet possible, as it’s needed if I ever wanted the packs.

📅 In the final months of the journey, I needed to clock a lot of walking hours to get rid of the last stubborn fat deposited. One such day it started raining, and I decided to walk in the Marina Bay Sands Shopping mall, a huge mall with 800,000 square feet of retail space and 270 boutiques and restaurants.

🚶 While walking in the mall, I saw so many new cafes & restaurants and was telling myself that on this journey, I have stopped going to dinner or drinks, and more than anyone, Anita is being deprived of my time and the outing.

🧠 Deliberating on how to fix this in fact make it fun 😊 and engaging🤲
During my 1-hour walk, I decided to start the following immediately.

  1. I will visit and experience 100 new cafes or restaurants with Anita.
  2. Record the experience and take a photo in the same pose every time.
  3. Share this information.

I am not sharing to impress anyone but to impress upon you that they are ways to keep any engagement fresh if you are keen to work towards it.

Knowing that things and plans are easy and exciting to start but difficult to keep it going past a few times, hence I had decided the point 3 to share this publicly

ℹ️ The journey so far – https://lnkd.in/gPH6EW-x

📅 Start Date: 25th September 2021 – End before 24th September 2023