Hi everyone, a very happy teacher day

On this global teachers’ day, I have seen others dedicating and thanking their teachers, their mentors, their parents, or their religious heads many others.

I thought, I need to thank you, yes YOU, who is watching this video, YOU HAVE BEEN AN AMAZING TEACHER.

I mean, apart from my school-designated teachers, my parents, my spouse, my children, my colleagues, and my friends, everybody’s contributed to my beautiful life.

In the decades that I have been on this earth, anybody who is connected to me online and offline has made a difference in my life.

Could be either your email, blog, message, or talk with me; you just made me smile for the day and made my living on this earth better.

I would like to dedicate this day only to you; thank you, you been an amazing teacher, keep teaching, and thanks for being in my life.