Today is such a fantastic day; just done some amazing research on Ganesha, and I think I am so enlightened, and I want to share my enlightening with you

The very first very thing that strike me I was always questioning and kept it very easy I asked why people take Ganesha’s name before starting a job or a company and why his name is taken first.

Growing up in India, I knew there was a story where Lord Shiva said that every job would be incomplete without 🙏🏽 Ganesha’s Pooja. Well, I left it there and accepted it.

While researching what came out just blew me away; it’s just amazing the metaphor behind is something along the lines of – 🐘 “Elephants in the forest are the path makers; they actually cut through the thick forests, making space and removing obstacles for other animals to follow such an amazing thing.

The whole idea of taking his name or doing Ganesha Pooja is actually asking him to take out all the obstacles before you start a journey could be a job, could be marriage, could be a company, and that’s such a beautiful metaphor.

I wish everybody whose starting something new have an obstacle-free journey let be a job, let be a company; very best from me.

The second thing I was blown away by was his symbolical form of lord Ganesha, , behind this artistic symbolism, hidden is, a philosophy, a moral, a management principle, and a lesson for everybody to learn in life.

I will not be speaking about everything, it will become a pretty long video so, I will picked three things which actually I could relate to.

👂 BIG EARS: He has big Ears which symbolizes we have to hear more. we should be the last person to speak after everyone else has spoken.

👄 SMALL MOUTH: that means we talk less, in the corporate world and in the leadership talks, we are supposed to hear everybody out and we speak in the last, that’s the trade of an intelligent person, Ganesha form has been symbolizing this over centuries.

The third thing that made a home run for me is 👀 small eyes, which symbolises that we need to be focused; the more you focus, the more productive you are, the better you are; just amazing,

I am sorry, I am so excited I was blown off with this information which I think I would not have gotten if I was not making this video, I would not have researched this.

I Wish Everybody a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi

If we don’t remember anything of this, just remember one thing “Big ears, small Mouth” listen to everyone and speak less.