😑 Annoying perfect person!

– my fathers Day compliment from a teenager, why?

She says,
“I am going to avoid the cliche of ‘u r the best dad’ because u r not”. 😁
just that u r the best person I know in the world

You are successful in every way possible, in things I didn’t even know.

You are so smart and perfect that it annoys me😑 . You know everything
but apart from being the most annoying perfect person, I love the dad role you play.

I am sure most of us would have received compliments and love❤️
but this one had an excellent punch for me.

But yeah, this definitely got a smile on my face and made me realize how we can get annoying even for knowing everything.

In all fairness, We all are blessed to have children who love us while forming a no-bias mirror where we can know the real us.

Happy fathers Day.