Anita’s Experience

The radius of the aroma of the coffee beans combined with fresh cake and bread being baked was so wide that we had to step in this place. The variety of stuff it catered that I tried a couple of local bread and desserts.

Prabjeet Experience

Another day and another sunset on the list, this time was sunset at the lighthouse @ Akrotiri, on our way the family bakery is so conveniently located you can’t miss it.

They have a great cappuccino, a latte at half the price, and the same brilliant taste. Apart from that they had a lot of fresh and delicious options.

In fact, we would find a reason to stop by the bakery if we happen to cross it as it became our go-to bakery in Santorini.

  • Location: Επαρχ. Οδ. Φηρων – Ορμου Περισσης, Μεγαλοχωρι, Σαντορινη 847 00, Greece
  • Date: Dec 11, 2022
  • Type: Restaurant