Anita’s Experience

Wanted to say a nice n happy buen viaje to Aakash and my daughter before they could fly to my city, Dubai. Sneaked a croissant from a nearby cafe as TCC did not have it on its menu.

It was unnoticed with so much of crowd around and we sipped our coffee and I ate it along.

Prabjeet Experience

I and my daughter were traveling and we were ready before time and thought of reaching the airport early, finishing our check-in, and then going for coffee at the airport.

We ended up going to Coffee bean as that was the only 24-hour café at Jewel Changi Airport.

In fact, we still had spare time and we actually drove back home to pick up our neck pillows, the drive back home is about 25 minutes, it felt like a mini-adventure as we never attempted something like this ever, had a tiny ad reline rush with some sense of fear of missing the flight in this excitement.

All went well as the neck pillows came in handy, the flight was full and we got center seats.

Time of the day: Evening 8:30 pm