Anita’s Experience

While travelling you always want to try and explore the local food

and especially if it’s vegetarian. For an ease to layman explanation Banh Mi is a sandwich what makes it different is the sauces they add in and the unique combo of avocado and tofu makes it nutritious.

I was starving so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Prabjeet Experience

When I started my search for the top place to eat in Vietnam – Hoi An, Banh mi came on the top, as it’s Vietnam’s most popular street food, and Hoi An is home to Banh Mi Phuong. considered one of the best banh mi makers you’ll find in Vietnam. Banh mi is the Vietnamese word for sandwich, and it is exactly that. A crispy, light, fluffy bread, usually filled with cold cuts of meat, pate, pickled carrots, daikon, and coriander.

As soon as we landed in Da Nang and checked in our hotel in Hoi An, our first pit stop was Banh Mi Phuong, and frankly speaking it did not disappoint at all, at about $1.50 it was one of the best meal we had.

The ladies outside are lined up and are preparing the Banh Mi in front of your eyes, and they are multiple choices to be spoilt for. Well, we tried both veg nd non-veg options as Anita is a vegetarian and me nonvegetarian. A must try place when you are in Hoi An, they are many tips on travel blogs and on Youtube video, explaining what time to visit where to sit, to enhance your experience, read them if you intending to visit.

Other Information

The History of Banh Mi in Hoi An

The trading port city of Hoi An has had many foreign influences as evidenced by the Portuguese-style Old Town and the iconic Japanese bridge. Alongside foreign influences, food such as bread was introduced to Vietnam. During the French occupation, wheat was imported but because of the high cost, some bakeries added rice flour as a supplement to wheat. This created a lighter and more crisp baguette than the more glutinous French baguette. Some even mark this staple street food as a signifier of Vietnam’s independence from the French and the death of colonialism.

The Vietnamese began using fillings like pate, ham, head cheese, and pickled vegetables. This combined with Hoi An makes some of the best banh mi that we are used to eating today. Banh Mi is now an increasingly popular street food loved by both locals and tourists of all ages. It is simple, quick, tasty, and accessible food for all.

Hidden Hint: There are passport photos of travelers underneath the glass table in the restaurant. Leave your mark on this hot tourist attraction, and slide your own photo in.

  • Location: Banh Mi Phuong
  • Date: Jun 27, 2022
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Time of the day: Afternoon 1:30 pm