Anita’s Experience

This was a place of choice to go by my daughter. She once mentioned that she wanted to check this place out so i decided that on her birthday I would make a reservation for this place. The pool side tents sitting was good but i would recommend only on a windy day. we carried out to the the lime restaurant after cake cutting. The high ceiling and the Italian menu was a treat to the taste buds. We had a nice family celebration.

Prabjeet Experience

We ended up going to Royal Park hotels’ Lime Restaurant. It’s a beautiful hotel with a lovely restaurant, the path way is well designed so is even the entrance to the rest room well hidden behind the mirrors and plants.

Today was also our daughter’s birthday, and we went to the pool side kaban to cut the cake; it was well decorated with fairy lights, it was pretty and just right for the celebration.

Time of the day: Evening 8:30 pm