Anita’s Experience

Even before this 100 CnR started this place has been my to-go place to have coffee at any time. It always gives me a welcoming vibe, and the mocha latte is a no-brainer for me to order. Previously they used to have this veggie wrap which is discontinued now but that dish on the menu made me its loyal customer. 🙁 I miss it to date. Never less wanted to work on my project with the laptop but I ended up hogging and coffeeing and speaking about stuff of life.

Prabjeet Experience

Another midnight craving, this time Anita’s plan was to work alone, we picked up our laptop and went to Café De Muse our 2nd restaurant of the 100 restaurants plan, apparently on weekends they do not allow laptops, so we had to move to TCC café just across,

As the plan was to experience 100 new cafes/restaurants, so Café De Muse would not have counted, but as they did bit allow laptops we eventually had to go to another café. This way we ended up sitting at our 30 C/R TCC @ Orchard

I tried the steak and chips, it’s a must-try for meat lovers.

Time of the day: Evening 8:30 pm