Anita’s Experience

Like a treasure hunt game, we were directed to this cafe. We had gone to shop to China town and this painting caught our eye. Its definitely a great wall of art. While clicking picture the cafe right across the street had an appealing vibe coz of its style. it was a chill place where you could read random books and have coffee along.

There’s a quote overplanning kills the magic and since this was not at all planned it wasn’t magic but definitely worth the experience.

Prabjeet Experience

On our way to buy paint for Dia, we came across beautiful paintings on the streets of Chinatown, after our purchases, we walked down to the street where both Anita’s and my eyes caught the huge wall paintings.

The paintings were so amazing and worth a picture with them, while enjoying the painting and getting our photos clicked by professional Dia, our eye caught this cafe called Madame Ooze Ice cream cafe & dessert Bar. We decided to experience the cafe, the cafe was uniquely designed and cozy. we ordered our coffee and when the time came for us to take our standard photo, we requested the cafe owner if we can go to the street and take a picture with the painting.

he obliged and we got this short and many others. A spontaneous coffee session, the cafe is cool to visit, and has books on the shelf to read, I took one only for a photo with my cups of coffee.

Other Information

The travel and hospitality industry took a hit due to Covid-19 including Adler Hostel, a boutique hostel located along Chinatown. Instead, they converted their living room at the ground floor into a cafe, serving ice cream and pastries.

Madame Ooze is the newest concept store that opened within Adler Hostel. The 20-seater is colorful and vibrant, well-equipped with comfy sofa seats, tables, and chairs just like a living room. There are also huge mirrors, hanging paintings, and potted plants that add a botanical touch.

  • Location: Madame Ooze Ice Cream Cafe & Dessert Bar
  • Date: Jun 2, 2022
  • Type: Cafe
  • Time of the day: Afternoon 3:30 pm