Anita’s Experience

This was just a place of big not even thought of or with no plan. We were heading to glasshouse cafe, which was closed for renovation. The plan for coffee is on but the place is not on. What do we do?

After some visits and research, we ended up here. Regret being to Emy – “ NO! “ Will you go back again? “ O yes !” Why? Coz the Croissanafle we ended up eating was so yum that I would surely love to have it again, especially if I am not on any regime or calorie count.

Prabjeet Experience

22nd Feb 2022 was a special day as it reads 2202 2022, so we 2 went out to celebrate the special day, and why not continue the 100 cafe/restaurant thing and explore something new.

Really looking at the cafe we have our doubts of even spending 10 minutes, but end up spending more than an hour and the Croissanafle was the highlight.

Croissanafle – A very new extension to our taste buds