Anita’s Experience

“Oh! I need to take you to this place” – 5 times only heard but never been there. Helps you when you wanna go for coffee or to chillax. I intently went to Sofitel after listening about it. Reaching there gave me these cool vibes as though you are instantly on a vacation and you can order your drinks and chill. It had a good selection of tea so we chose to pod on a pot. Cosy time with the teddy bear hugs and ya it was warm. The tea and the experience.

Prabjeet Experience

This being my go-to place for meetings, has always been on my mind to take Anita. I like this place, especially for the space between two tables or the sofas, which gives you a kind of privacy, as well as your conversations, can follow without any disturbance.

They are big on teas and being a bar a great selection of other stuff too, at last, I took Anita to 1824 not travel back in time, but the cafe bar 1824.

  • Location: 9 Wallich Street, 078885 Singapore
  • Date: Feb 28, 2022
  • Type: Cafe
  • Time of the day: Evening 6 pm