As-Salaam-Alaikum” (May peace be upon you) On this Prophet Mohamed’s birthday, sharing some of his lessons in a very humble way?

I reached out to my Muslim friends and asked them to share with me the most important Prophet’s lesson.

Prophet Mohamed has not only brought Quran but so many other lessons. And most of the lessons are for our upliftment and bringing the best version of us as Muslims or human beings.

🔢 There are so many of them I can’t probably speak about every one of them, but I picked 3 lessons which are very elementary, very basic, which our parents👨‍👦👩‍👧 have taught us, our schools 🏫 have taught us, probably our 🕌 worship places taught us.

The three lessons are very simple.

  1. Remaining humble
  2. Giving charity.
  3. Feed the hungry, Visit the sick, and set free captives:

I’m nobody to judge, I am nobody to question, but I thought, why not on Prophet Mohamed’s birthday? We all just, for 24 hours, try to do these three things right.

We all know but find it very difficult to be humble in this ever-pushing and not forgiving world.
❤️ Try to be humble, I mean humble across everybody. Humble to your parents, your family, your friends, even your helpers, and your colleagues. Can we just be humble for a day and see what it feels like?

❤️ charity, can we do any charity? May probably online transfer $10 to a charity. If that is possible?

And third, ❤️ forget setting anyone else captive? Can we release ourselves captive of anger, ego, and attachment for 1 day?

Wouldn’t this be an amazing attribute to his birthday?

I have received an amazing response from my friends with many more lessons which are equally important and worth celebrating over.

I just want to at least read the headings of these lessons.

➡️ Wishing good for others that’s humans as well as animals.

➡️ Seeking, learning, and questioning, which is very interesting and relevant today. We all need to seek, learn, and question

➡️ Openness to other communities – fantastic point.

➡️ The hardship of life, even the prophet Mohammad had Hardship in his life. What does that mean is we all have hardship, but we come out of it. God has a way; Allah has a way to bring us all out of it.

➡️ Brainstorming – so there are a lot of stories which Is very interesting about how we asked the disciples questions and where is the brainstorming session. Very interesting.

➡️ Eating moderately. Everybody got into health, and we talk about eating in moderation and all this. Is spoken by a prophet So profound, so amazing.

I wish you all a very happy birthday for the prophet, and importantly, from this birthday, we take lessons and try to do what we can.

So, if you guys could try the three things, that would be fantastic, and if there is anything you want to share with me, I would love to hear thank you.

Please ignore me if I have miss represented any of the above