What is one major thing I learned?

  • I always believe that we all have so much in abundance, and I personally keep looking at various ways of giving back to the community and have done a bunch of various things.
  • Ashok and Pavithra taught me today how to give back while keeping dignity in place, which is so paramount and impressive that they have come a long way and changed the lives of thousands.

What can be done with what I learned today?

  • The session has broadened my viewpoint, and I was immediately thinking of how can I employ challenged / Special individuals in my India office.
  • Immediately various questions came to mind that there isn’t a lift to my 3rd-floor office, why only India, why not Singapore and other countries?
  • At least now I know Pavithra & Ashok, who have crossed all these hurdles and can guide me.

What do I want to learn more about, and why?

  • I was very keen on how one of the individuals told Pavitra you teach me your language, and I will mine. When time permits, I want to spend some time with the Vindhyians.
  • I am currently grooming my 11 and 14-year-old daughters to be entrepreneurs I would love to inculcate an ideology in my daughters to create at least one the business unit that would make life better for the special kids/individuals

What surprised me today, and why?

The simplicity of Pavithra & Ashok and the 15 years of a journey dedicated to a single
cause, and here I keep making plans of millions and billion intending to serve in a
much deeper way, once I have reached my targets, but learned my target could also
be achieved while or with serving.

My Top 3 Quotes or the stuff of the session

  • “Business and impact together”
  • Deewar movie’s Dialogue of Amithab was a very interesting metaphor for having no option of losing the game. Once you are in, there is only one way out – success.

  • The company was open in my daughter’s name and would not or should not die!