10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!

  • Public Speaking – Asset that stays with you for 30 – 60 years
  • Honest to yourself – As Entrepreneur, be brutally honest, know what you know, but know your business better
  • Having confidence – a key factor to legendary success ( When you have confidence or fire or internal bravery, you have the power to accomplish) – thats how you see this as an opportunity.
  • Listening – Learning from Nelson Mandela (where he used to go to tribal meetings with his father and observer that his father was the last to speak despite being the head of the tribe, the learning is that you have heard everyone.
  • Managing your time – Living in the generation of dumbing down ideas because we have traded effectiveness with busyness. It takes time to be creative, but in the absence of time, its only clutter
  • Stop Whining – complaining, whining, etc. Ger aware of the whining you do, and stop it
  • Staying Presenting at the moment – Is where the gold is, where you have control, where you have happiness.
  • Being Consistent – Success is not a destination, its a journey (your years of consistent work)
  • Getting Enough Sleep –
  • Having Empathy – The Power of Empathy is the engine that drives everything.

What can be done with what I learned today?

  • Confidence is a muscle when you build it, and it alone helps you to do heroic in your life or business.
  • The skill to hold your opinion till everyone else has spoken does 2 things; it gives everyone a feeling that they have been heard and allows you to hear everyone without being biased with your option. Don’t nod yes or don’t nod no when someone is speaking; to better understand where they coming from and where they are going, just ask questions.
  • We are busier than any other generation; we think because we are busy, we are effective. we aren’t, the 80% we do is all transaction, and 20% is where we are gifted, passionate, etc. The key is to switch the number.

My Top 3 Quotes

  • “It takes time to be creative. Don’t let anyone take away the time you need to do what you are gifted and created to do.” Time is irreplaceable; value time. – Bishop T. D. Jakes
  • Small actions every day will get you further than a one-time big action. Consistency is powerful. Find the right things to do, then do them every day. There’s no way you CAN’T be successful!
  • “Confidence is a muscle. And like any muscle, the more you focus on it, the more you practice it and train it, the stronger your confidence is gonna grow”