Anita’s Experience

This restaurant was just at the foot of Blagaj Tekjia, a beautiful monastery under the cliff, and a Darwish‘s house, which is six centuries old. Nature’s beauty in the midst of cascading waterfalls.

There were so many ducks by the water, and the kids loved feeding them. Kids ordered pancakes and Greek salad, and we tried a local Bosnian dish, along with my outstanding item on the checklist was “ Hurmasice. “ If I had to describe this dessert, it was something like a Gulab Jamun but different in shape and texture, and the feel of it 😉

Prabjeet Experience

Leaving Bosnia, Mostar, our last place was Blagaj, a 15the century Monastery, beautiful place, the monastery is next to the mountain and a cave………….

Across the bridge is a Restoran Vrelo, here we got to taste 2 new Bosnian Dishes, @1 and @2, the person serving was great he took time to suggest us what we should eat as most of us were vegetarian and because of him we tried a new dish, the other one Anita spotted was on our only left out Bosnian dish we had to try so got to eat it before we left Bosnia, the kids enjoyed feeding the ducks outside and leaving their art on the rocks.

  • Location: Blagaj bb, Blagaj 88201, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Date: Dec 18, 2022
  • Type: Restaurant