Anita’s Experience

We were absolutely thrilled about the semi-finals of India’s cricket match for the Asia cup.
The anticipation was so high that I couldn’t wait for the game to start. I even took a quick nap beforehand to be well-rested as the live match was to be broadcasted late at night. After the nap, you need some caffeine boost, which explains everything. I had an impossible burger along with coffee and was looking forward to a thrilling game.

Prabjeet Experience

Dressed up in our India cricket team jerseys and watching the match like true fans! It was like we were right there on the field, feeling every moment of the game!

We were so pumped up for the match that we put on our jerseys way before the start time! And to keep that energy going strong, we hit up a cafe for a dose of caffeine! It was the perfect way to calm our nerves and get even more hyped up at the same time!

  • Location: 01-03, 86 Robertson Quay
  • Date: Sept 4, 2022
  • Type: Cafe
  • Time of the day: Evening