Anita’s Experience

Italian cuisine is a win-win choice when it comes to family dinners. This place had disappointed me with no reservations when I made last-minute weekend plans. So finally, I managed to pre-plan and secure a reservation. Had to wait a bit to get the perfect table. The food was good, but what stood out was the ambiance. We played this game which created a memorable family bonding experience.

Prabjeet Experience

Check it out – we just innovated a whole new way of clinking cups! Who knew that our love for coffee could extend to pizza bumps too! Glad we are innovating on our way to hitting up 100 cafes.

We never realized that our love for cafes and coffee would take us on such an epic journey, but we’re totally living for it! It’s like we’re explorers on a quest to find the coolest, most unique cafes in the world!

  • Location: 95 Robertson Quay, Rivergate Condominium, #01-19/20, Singapore 238256
  • Date: Sept 2, 2022
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Time of the day: Evening 8:00 PM