Anita’s Experience

Oh come on now this looks like a task on me to hunt for a cafe. It’s decided that we gonna go out but “ o Honey! I am busy if you have a chance to look out for a cafe pls do. I’ll see you at X:00 hours”.

I just googled something I can’t recollect but interesting and different cafes and this was one of the options. Seemed to be fair and we happened to be settled as it does have two outlets of the same on the same street. It was a fair place especially if you looking out for family or a bunch of friends fun, especially who are interested in board games. The coffee was not good I guess even the cafe owners realized and replaced my coffee with a better option. Overall we had a fair experience but a good time.

Prabjeet Experience

Mind Cafe is not just your regular cafe that offers coffee but has an exhaustive game library of at least 800 games in the cafe! You can rent a game and play or even buy one.

We wanted to play the game of Jenga but settled to do what we love and relish; not coffee but conversations. As were our outfits, black and white so were our conversations simple and regular ones.

Well good we settle and went for our conversations as the coffee was not up to the mark, the place is more for the games, and they did not charge for the coffee once they realized we did not have more than a few sips. which was cool and mindful by mind cafe staff.