Anita’s Experience

At times this 100 thingy is also like an escape route when you don’t quite get things working out and want to vomit out all your negativity by taking a break. So this was that moment of mine.

Prabjeet Experience

Friday night after a week of crazy work, and settling kids for the night, we both went out to this charming cafe that promises an enchanted fairytale experience. Well, the place is well designed, small though it still has the charm.

Being open 24 hours was the best part as most cafes are closed by 8-9 pm. The place is crowded even on the weekdays. We did have the break we needed as we spent a couple of hours there.

  • Location: 88 Rangoon Rd, 01-04, Singapore 218374
  • Date: Jan 7, 2022
  • Type: Cafe
  • Time of the day: Night 11 pm