Anita’s Experience

Prabjeet’s birthday is the most special occasion for me of the year. Due to covid restrictions of only two to dine in we made the most of it too. Brunch with the elder one and evening snack with the younger one and dinner with the youngest 😉

I had this wishlist place to go the capitol Kempinski. It’s lit with romantic festive lights. Italian cuisine cannot go wrong for a celebration. The ravioli was yum n paired very well with wine.

It was a little disappointing that, They closed soon so had to wrap up.

Prabjeet Experience

This is another cool place transforming itself into the streets of Italy. bright, colorful and full of energy. COVID made the audience to the minimum and we almost had the whole place to us. We had our drinks on the top and our fav pizza pasta on the bottom floor of the restaurant, the chef himself was keen on providing the best. Being my birthday it did feel like a special place, tried bolognese pizza, and loved it to the core as it was one of my cheat days after months of eating clean for my six-pack journey.

Taking its name from the world-renowned La Scala Opera House in Milan, La Scala Ristorante transports the tastes, sights, and sounds of a buzzing Italian summer’s day to Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski with a stunning menu. Antipasti, soups, pastas, pizzas and desserts come complete with the most wholesome Italian touch.

  • Location: 13 Stamford Rd,01-86 Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, Singapore 178905
  • Date: Oct 26, 2021
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Time of the day: Evening 8 pm