How has giving back bonded us as a company?

One opportunity I look forward to is giving back in whatever way I can, and don’t shy away from saying, “I am greedy in doing so.”

Why am I greedy, very simple? When I give, I get more in return, and so I love the process.

Pre Covid, we were able to move out of the office and try to reach out to institutes that would need assistance in terms of material or sheer our time with the inmates. We were fortunate enough to do it only a few times.

I observed that whenever we embarked on the process, I have always seen a better bonding in the teams, and a better sense of belonging was developed.

Miss on this big time, as it was equally satisfying and filled our soul’s hunger to some extent. During Covid, we supported some efforts in the Myanmar struggle, thanks to our team members.

We are looking for ideas on how to give back during covid as a company where most of us could be involved. Any suggestion would be great, as we would want to re-embark on this course.