Young Entrepreneurs Award (Finalist) – 15 years ago!

An entrepreneur’s journey is unbelievably crazy and equally rewarding.

I started my entrepreneurial journey very early, have failed miserably many times, and learned from every one of them.

What did I learn? Let me see if I can summarize and hopes it helps someone in their journey.

01. Biggest investment to indulge in – “Yourself” – The more you invest in yourself, the better the outcome. Learning Must be Continuous.

02. Biggest trap to avoid – “Doing everything yourself” I – Seen tons of my peers and myself victims of it; easier said than done, but the sooner you can offload, the faster your growth.

03. Biggest mistake – “Not expecting failure” – Great success is built upon failure; that’s why the Most Successful People Fail Most Often.

04. Biggest hurdle-” Yourself” – We are the biggest hurdle in our success because we set our limits, and more often than not, it’s the stories we tell ourselves that prevent us from attaining what we could have otherwise achieved. “Trust Yourself.”

05. Biggest takeaway – “Every adversity has an opportunity” – it’s the universe’s way of doing a course correction. Trust the process.

I Will keep it short here and eventually write an article, with details and probably stories about each learning, for now. I wish the very best to everyone here in their journeys and loads of respect to every hustler.