As the business world went remote overnight, employee burnout began to surface.

When times are tough and uncertain, “company culture” often takes a backseat as businesses struggle to juggle too many things and sustain amid a dwindling economy.

But things work the opposite way at times of stress. Having a positive corporate culture is more critical today than ever before – companies should reassess how to bring joy to the work they do every day and motivate them to stay productive.

To address these challenges, we as leaders should strive to efficiently balance this new normal and prevent burnout while building trust.

Both leadership and employees are remote and more distributed. This has significantly affected productivity and motivation to work.

A lack of visibility often leads to a lack of trust. While team-building activities like outings, charity, and sports are currently not possible, we should try to engage Virtually in celebrations, competitions, online lunches/coffee, etc.

The idea is to keep the communication channel open, as it is our employees who bring life and reinforce company culture.

Having said that, nothing beats team-building activity via sports.

Throwback memories – PeopleCentral Cricket Team is winning the championship.