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Today, we’re tackling a game-changing task: Crafting UNBIASED JD (job descriptions) that stand out! You’ll want to see this whether you’re an IT recruiter or a hiring manager in any field.

👉 What we cover:
– Why typical AI prompts fall short.
– A step-by-step explanation of the prompt that delivers REAL value.
– Live demonstration using ChatGPT 3.5

🎯 Also included:
– Formatting secrets for immediate implementation.
– Customizing the prompt for inclusivity in job descriptions.
– Ensuring your job listings attract the best candidates with AI precision.

💡 This isn’t just about generating text. It’s about giving a structured, customizable tool that revolutionizes your recruitment process.

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hi welcome everyone today we’re starting a series  called prompt of the week now why prompt of the   week there are tons of prompt the cheat sheets  there are 50 crazy prompts 30 magic prompts   to Save hours and all this stuff we’ve gone  through all this and we found it more of a   noise we found hardly any that you can use .


we found there’s no explanation of what to do   it it’s a very small two liners so we said  okay why don’t we create a prompt internally   use the prompt make sure the prompt is useful  and importantly people can use it immediately   now with that ideology we said let’s not throw  out some magic prompts or some cheat sheet but   rather spend 30 seconds or a minute explaining  a prompt why the prompt was created how it can   be useful to you and very importantly you can  use it today right having said that let me not   take more time let me show you the prompt of  so I’m open sh GP 3.5 you can use sh gbd4 if  


you want but it’s not necessary you can use b  or any other uh large language model that you   like but it works good on J GP 3.5 it’s free I’ll  paste the whole prompt it’s a large prompt I’ll   explain you what it does so basically what we’ve  done is we given a role to it we say you’re an IT   recruiter you can give any role based on that  we say you are in the business recruiting for   20 years so this is a role we given to chat GP  saying this is why you want then we said how we  


want res you a JD we want the job description we  want the required skills we want responsibilities   preferred qualification and me Define what we want  now we can specify for what role we want it and we   can also change the number of years now this is  what you change if you want if you’re a company   which believes in inclusiveness De and then you  can also add the diversity kind of a prompt into   it and then we tell chpd what’s the end goal the  end goal is just not to write but to attract the  


better fit candidate and the last we ask chat to  use markdown formatting that means headers H2S and   all so that we can straight for user and we you  can change the user PR write in English so if you   go down it’s giv me a job description overview the  responsibilities the required skills the preferred   qualification and the T now you can straightway  use this modify it but it’s a starting point   where you have a structured prompt which will  help you to create J that’s all for today take care