Why do 30 percent of new hires leave their job within the first six months?

There is nothing more frustrating for employers and HR than to spend weeks or months recruiting a new employee who, at the end of the day, quits their job anyway.

Most of the reasons why people quit so quickly result from a poor onboarding process. According to the survey, the following elements would have convinced them to stay:

23% of people did not receive clear guidelines to what their responsibilities were,

21% would prefer more effective training,

17% said a friendly smile or helpful co-worker would have made all the difference,

12% hoped for more acknowledgment for their contribution,

9% required more attention from managers and co-workers.

We cover one of such stories under our initiative of HR@WORK STORIES SERIES.

The Stories revolve around how an HR team handles conflicts, grievances, and issues brought to their notice at work. While bringing harmony to the workplace on a day-to-day basis.

The idea is to start a conversation and learn from each other’s sharing.

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