Do SMEs even try to be one, or it’s left to the larger multinational companies?

From fair wages to career advancement opportunities.

Good relationships with colleagues and superiors

Aesthetically pleasing workspaces are some factors commonly cited in employee satisfaction surveys.

A recent online survey found that while pay and benefits remain key drivers of employee satisfaction, workers these days are placing increasingly more importance on training and upskilling opportunities.

Many SMEs currently may not be able to provide aesthetically pleasing workspaces, free food, pool tables, etc.

So does it mean we can’t be the employer of choice?

Well, my 2 cents or what has worked with us.

01. Providing anatomy at work.

02. Clarity of vision/communication.

03. Diversification in culture (we have employees from 7 nationalities).

04. 50 – 50 ratio of male and female.

05. Leading by example.

06. Mangers with open doors.

We have been able to keep a high employee retention percentage; having said that, we are still a work in progress.