WorldInMyTurban“ – #11

Dominican Republic Independence Day – Feb 27

Today, as I drape my turban in the colours of Dominican’s flag to mark the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, I do so with a heart full of respect and unity. As a Sikh, the turban I wear is my crown, imbued with the values of my faith—equality, honour, and an unwavering commitment to moral integrity. I celebrate Dominican’s Independence Day with this spirit of brotherhood and ethical duty.

I am mindful that the national flag symbolizes pride and patriotism, and in displaying it, I intend to pay homage to the ideals that both my faith and this nation cherish. My adherence to the principles of Sikhism—an egalitarian and progressive faith established in the 15th century—guides me to honour all people and serve the common good. The turban, a significant Sikh article of faith, symbolizes sovereignty, spirituality, and a pledge to uphold justice and protect the vulnerable.

My gesture of incorporating the flag is done with the most profound respect, ensuring that it is displayed with dignity and in accordance with flag etiquette. Should this expression of celebration inadvertently cause discomfort or seem disrespectful, I sincerely apologize. This image expresses my solidarity with the nation and its people as we reflect on our collective journey toward a brighter future.

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