Transform Your Employee Handbook into a Smart AI Chatbot!

Welcome to Day-by-Day in AI, where we simplify the future! In today’s episode, we’re diving into the exciting world of CHAT GPTs. Have you ever wished for a more intelligent way to navigate company policies and procedures? We’ve got you covered!

🔍What’s Inside:
– Custom GPTs Demystified: Understand the demand for personalized GPTs and how they revolutionize workplace efficiency.
– Build with Us: Follow a step-by-step guide to transform your company’s handbook into a user-friendly Chatbot. It’s simpler than you think!
– Your AI Assistant: Discover how this Chatbot can answer FAQs about compensation, benefits, remote work policies, and more, directly from your handbook!
– Practical Demonstration: Watch as we upload documents, set instructions, and test the Chatbot in real-time. See the magic happen!
– Future Possibilities: Explore how this technology can evolve into personal assistants, training modules, and more.

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– Beginner-Friendly: Perfect for those new to AI and Chatbots.
– Innovative Solutions: Ideal for HR professionals, managers, and tech enthusiasts looking to streamline internal communications.
– Insider Tips: Gain insights on the latest features of custom GPTs, still in beta.

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hi welcome to day by day in AI uh today we’re going to talk about something called chat gpts now we all know it’s ch GPS which is launched a couple of years back we all use it it’s changed the way we work today now why was CH gpts introduced and what are CH gpts now a standard CH GPT is accessible to everyone it’s very generic has the same data right now there was a lot of demand from companies and individuals Developers to have a custom gpts meaning a gpts which is very specific to a need for example a company knowledge base now


this is very specific to the company knowledge base and when people ask questions to it it comes from the same knowledge base or it could be uh a training module J GP trained on that so J GP listen to you or APN open a listen to it and then they introduce something called custom gpds now that’s not not new it’s been introduced for 3 4 weeks now I’ve been playing around with different options all right so let’s start with uh company chatboard I would like to call it company chatboard because what we’re


going to do in this particular presentation is we’re going to take a company’s handbook employ handbook upload it to the Char GPT and ask Char GPT or customize Char to answer from that knowledge base now how does this help is any company who wants their own knowledge base and they want the employees to reach out to the knowledge Bas then they chart on the basic questions like uh how does the compensation leave works for me how what how do I apply for a benefit how do I apply for a claim what is company policy


on remote work what’s company policy on different things now there are very generic questions right this all in the employee handbook now nobody goes and reads a handbook basically would want to go and ask an HR because handbooks are sometime not updated or they’re not sure it’s correct or no now you can build this pretty simple I mean I can do it in 10 minutes you can probably do it in 10 minutes and it’s up and running it’s smarter it’s intelligent it gives you answers all right so let’s build that


today and you can always make an advanced version of that so let’s start from the basic and see how it happens all right so let’s start with that so first very important Point uh CH GPT or custom gpts are only available in the plus version it’s not available in the free version all right now you explore it shows you your gpts I created a bunch of them it all shows uh made by open Ai and eventually it’s going to show the important ones all right so let’s go it’s very simple create a new GPT all


right it says beta all right now first option is it asks what you would want to do it what you want it to make it to save time I just created a Content I’m saying this right let me explain you what I’m saying I’m saying you are a company Bo specializes in chatboard assisting and navigating understanding company policies Sops and other documents it role is to provide quick accurate answers to the questions related to this documents so we asking it to answer the questions from the given documents okay


and what you’re trying to do trying to make it easy for employees to find information they need right uh we all tell us to avoid giving advice or interpreting that could be constructed as legal concern right uh it should stick to the content from the upload documents and provide direct clear answers all right and it should ask clarifications when the qu is Wake right uh and we tell it has his answers should be relevant and maintain a professionalism and the finally we says should be concise and to the point right


so that’s the instruction we give it to them so this is a system instruction so now this GPT would follow this instructions all right so what it’s trying to do is it’s trying to build a GPT based on the information that we given to them probably next question is going to ask ask us uh to give it a name to upload a picture and then we can start configuring and building it right now what we’re doing is we’re just creating a chat GP right so it’s build it uh it’s giving a suggestion of the


name of company bought we can keep it or we want to call something we could call it I prefer to call it hrb for example right and done so we give an OP references right so it says all right great that’s it now it’s going to create a profile picture so now because it’s connected to T 3 it generates a picture for you now you could use that picture or we could upload our own picture all right so now that’s the W te module capability it’s trying to explain it can do V photo right so it’s given a photo


let’s say we okay with that we just say we fine with it right or we can upload one now you can also go into configuration right now here what’s going to happen is your instructions are here these are the few questions that they given us right now the important thing in this scenario is we want to give it a document from where we want it to answer so what I’ve done is I’ve download a company document so I would just do an employee handbook so this is a company employeer handbook so it could be your handbook could be your Sops


could be your company policies so you can add multiple documents right and then you could also have questions uh basic questions that you think your employees would ask right so I’ve done some basic questions so like say can you explain me a remote work policy for example with the G uh working people and all we need to have that question right let’s have that all right and now we could actually save this now you can do only yourself or you could have a link for others right now we can also straightway test it so let’s say I want


to say uh can you explain me the remote working policy so it’s going to go back and look in the document so now this is where the differentiation is it’s not looking into the worldwide web or it’s knowledge weit it’s looking at your thing so it says what’s the definition and eligibility so if it says if you’re an office-based employee you can work REM for maximum of two consequent week in a year right and that’s the company policy and this is very specific to yours all right I can


ask uh uh how many annual leave have right so I can ask about that I could ask about training and development I can ask a lot of questions based on what it can do right so now it’s going to go back to the database look at the database and update you on the answers now we can always go back upload uh more better documents give it more information so that it answer get getting better by the time so now so this is what it says according to employee handbook right it’s not saying according to them it says ACR leaves


acur increase usage everything on that stuff right now we could also ask the chatboard what can it do for us all right so because once it’s open to the employees they can ask any questions right so we can always uh see what they’ll give for that right let’s ask and I try that uh what all information can you provide so as a I can provide detail information from the employee handbook which includes wide range of company policies and all that stuff right so this is basically the simplest way to use the chat gpts right as a knowledge


base now I could create this as a training chat point where we could uh give it the training information and we can train people it could be anything right you can always go back edit and you can configure and you can upload more documents that so that’s the most simplest uh use case of a chat gpts I hope it helps I hope you try and it’s always advance of that this is very start uh is still in beta if you go back here and you see uh it says beta so all the chat gpds are still in beta so this is where you start but I’m sure this


going to go Advan and itrees amazingly good all right one thing to note uh when you create a link and send it to anybody or share a link or public the link can be only used by a Char GP plus user that mean whenever you made this custom gpts it’s not accessible for free for non plus users so that’s a little tricky part right now I think that will change because it’s in a beta version till then that’s a limitation but if you’re interested to create something for your company uh there’s something called


assisted apis cre by open AI we can help you building that we can analyze where your challenges are and we can build that which can be used by all your employees without being a plus user all right otherwise please have fun take care