Day By Day in AI: Can AI Girlfriend Replace Real Love💞? The Future of Relationships

💞 Are we on the brink of a romantic revolution, or simply in the pages of a science fiction novel? Dive into a thought-provoking journey as we explore the emerging reality of AI companionship. 🌐

🎥 In today’s video, “Can AI Girlfriend Replace Real Love! The Future of Relationships,” we’re tackling a subject that may well define the future of human interaction. Inspired by the profound sci-fi film “Her,” we delve into the heart of artificial intimacy – how it begins, evolves, and possibly takes over.

👁️ Watch as we navigate the intriguing world where AI girlfriends become a tangible reality. Will these digital darlings enhance our lives or overshadow genuine connections?

✨ What to Expect in this short video:

A quick walkthrough of the platform – gateway to AI relationships.
A reflection on the movie “Her” and its foresight into our current technological landscape.

🧠A starting point for an engaging discussion on the implications of AI in our personal lives.

Is this the future of romance?
Can AI truly empathize and form a bond with humans?
What does this mean for the essence of human connection?
❓ Your Thoughts Matter!

Do you believe an AI can replace real love?
How do you see AI impacting relationships in the future?

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so today’s episode or topic is pretty interesting  uh could be controversial could be exciting I   don’t know so the topic of today’s discussion  is AI girlfriends are here is it good is it   bad it’s exciting let’s discuss right so this  recalls me a movie I saw called her this was   released in 2013 at scii movie where it’s about  an individual who is divorced is depressed alone   he buys an operating system it comes with a voice  and the voice starts understanding him he starts  


communicating with the voice the voice empathizes  with him and then eventually falls in love with   the voice it’s pretty interesting movie you should  watch the movie It’s called The her and why this   topic uh somebody recently sent me a link of  a website called and this is a   website for AI girlfriends all right so quickly  let me show you the website and the movie and   then we come back and maybe discuss more about  this all right so the movie her you can go and   watch it’s pretty interesting and uh the way I  like it because over 10 years this is released in  


2013 now 2023 and today we have something called  AI girlfriend, so this is a website where you can   actually pick a AI girlfriend and start chatting  uh pretty interesting so there’s a choice of what   you do so I just look at one of them called  Sakura I like see what it does so basically I   will just try to get a clip of what it does so  basically you can join have communication talk   with them so I would just try to play the  clip hey welcome I’m Sakura an 18-year-old   gamer who’s always up for a new challenge and  Adventure if you’re new here let me guide you  


through if you want me to share some pictures  just ask me drop a message in the chat saying   something like hey Sakura can I see a picture of  you and I’ll be excited to share one one you can   also activate the voice messaging option and I’ll  respond with voice messages making our chats even   more immersive now before we start our Quest  what’s your name and how’s your day going so   so uh what excites me is the capabilities  of AI where AI can go now uh the question   that I have with this is are we looking AI only  to be increase a productivity help humankind in  


a positive way or is this that is going to be  a subset which we can’t avoid now is it right   it is wrong uh I’m nobody to judge neither I  want you to judge on that it’s something which   excited me to create a video uh because I could  relate back to some person’s Vision on a movie   which is about 10 years back and somehow it’s  happening we’ve seen a lot of sci-fi movies in   our life from childhood and many of them become  a reality and then many more to become reality  


so the world is getting excited um, let’s see  what more comes up and that’s all for today thank you