Anita’s Experience

Having tried acai bowls in other countries or ready-to-eat frozen ones. I was eager to taste at a local joint. The variety of options and toppings was quite intriguing. It was reassuring to know the nutritional values behind it allowed me to indulge in the delightful treat without any guilt.

Prabjeet Experience

We had an Açaí Affair that was off the hook! It’s no wonder they named it that, because after one taste of that sweet, sweet açaí, we were head over heels in love with it!

This joint is right across from the Singapore River, and it is smack-dab in the middle of our regular strolling path!

We feel so blessed to live in such a gorgeous and admirable place! And let me tell you, we’re so happy to be on this journey, discovering all these awesome cafes, joints, and bars along the way! They were totally off our radar before, but now they’re all we can think about!

  • Location: 7 Rodyk St, #01-33, Singapore 238215
  • Date: Aug 29, 2022
  • Type: Cafe
  • Time of the day: Evening 8:00 PM