Anita’s Experience

I was in a mood of Procrastin-eating. Now what’s that where you wanna do something but decide to snack in first. So before having coffee wanted to eat something first.

This place is been renovated for about a year now, and with its lit ambiance, you can’t miss seeing it, especially during supper hours. Pad Thai is my to-go food. It was not too bad coz I know vegetarian pad Thai is not easily made. It’s considered as a customised dish at places where they are used to making non-veg.

Prabjeet Experience

After a birthday party, we needed a break and started search for place, we found on 15km away, drove to the place and found the service was bad, then we decided to try another cafe about 10 km away, that turned out to be local chinese resturant with chinese coffee, we wen to the 3rd resturant about 3km away and they did not have the coffee we wanted.

Then Anita remembered a place near our old house, we landed there it was a Thai Resurant, we decided to try Thai coffee. Eventually, we found a cafe just above and then ended up snacking here, this brought back 15 odd years old memories.

A decent place for late-night food and drinks.

  • Location: 127 Bencoolen St, #02-127, Singapore 189637
  • Date: Aug 9, 2022
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Time of the day: Evening 11:30 pm