Anita’s Experience

Wanted to catch up on the fun n instances I had while travelling to India. Especially the updates on my relatives and how my cousin’s wedding was. The experience here was good. Noticed that the place had lots of acclaim and rewards on its wall. I liked the roast corner there coz to me it was a nice pun where at times roasting your partner is a good leg-pulling exercise.

Prabjeet Experience

After 1 month’s break, we got back to our 100 C&R journey. We both got busy travelling. On a Sunday after the temple service, we decided to get a coffee and thus our attire is of a traditional temple kind,

Someone had recommended Coffee Academics, stating they have great coffee. Why not in this journey that’s what we are looking forward to apart from the great conversations we end up in.

The Coffee was good and so was the place.

Time of the day: Evening 8:30 pm