Anita’s Experience

Godiva. Ya read it again in your mind Godiva. The name itself brings in special childhood memory and the taste of a chocolate melting or rather I should say vanishing in your mouth. I was on a shopping spree when I ran into this cafe n I was like “what am I reading it correct Godiva Cafe?” I read it right and quickly glanced through but as was in short of time. I quickly added it to my notes list to visit later. The visit to the cafe was pleasant and a good recollection of memories and history. I ordered Affogato. To me, it was a perfect blend of old memories of white chocolate ice cream with Godiva logo chocolate n sauce pouring over new memory of brewed coffee over it.

Prabjeet Experience

Similarly, I never knew there was a cafe by Godiva chocolate, well I did not dare to order any of the chocolate deserts as I was scared of the amount of sugar that would go into them. So I stuck to the cappuccino, did dig one bite from Anita’s Affogato, and was dead right, it was sugar death for me, had a glass of water to revive myself to normalize (over dramatising).

Well, what also made me interested is the story behind the logo. I have shared the information below.

When Lady Godiva, wife of Lord Leofric, protested against the taxation of his subjects, she agreed to ride through the streets of Coventry “clad in naught but her long tresses”, and so long as the residents remained in shuttered buildings their tax burden would be lifted. The following morning, she made her famous ride and, despite being the ultimate temptation, the delight of his subjects, ensuring Godiva’s legendary status throughout the centuries.

With a Belgian heritage dating back to 1926, GODIVA Chocolatier is the global leader in premium chocolate. Inspired by the values of Lady Godiva – her passion, generosity, and pioneering spirit – GODIVA’s legendary name has become a universal symbol of luxury, quality, and the most delicious chocolate.

  • Location: 2 Orchard Turn, B1- 05, Singapore 238801
  • Date: Jan 9, 2022
  • Type: Cafe
  • Time of the day: Afternoon 3 pm