Anita’s Experience

Insta kept popping up this place to visit viva loca. My friends gave a good review too. It was a nice chilled-out place and we had a chilled-out time.

Prabjeet Experience

The restaurant had a good ambiance and a variety of food options. the restaurant was designed like a Mexican street and the artificial plant and the balcony made it look pretty.

Had the owner sitting next table to us was so loud that it did make a dent in our experience, but brushing it aside the overall experience was good, it was a Saturday we were already relaxed and did relish the conversations.

Did try a different pose at this restaurant, but the glass click was still the same, hers on the top.

  • Location: Katong Square, 88 East Coast Raod 423371
  • Date: Oct 16, 2021
  • Type: Restaurant
  • Time of the day: Evening 9 pm