We all believe that luck plays an important part in everything we do.

And hence the saying above,” you make your own luck.”

how much do you consider luck to be a factor in your success?

That is what was asked of me in the recent discussion.

My answer:

“Luck is nothing but preparedness meeting opportunity.”

If you have prepared and an opportunity comes by, you can capitalize on it and be successful; that’s being lucky.

If you say opportunities don’t knock, then you need to build a door or doors.


Coincidently I stumble on the book from very dear friend Roshan Thiran which talks about the same topic, the conclusion of the extract from the book leadership nuggets as below:

When we see luck as something that is beyond our reach or something that we can’t create, we become victims and complain about others and the world.

Reframing luck as something we may influence (regardless of how limited our influence may be) is a powerful way to move from being hostage to being a leader.

What are your thoughts on luck with success?