The Instant Millionaire

Author – Mark Fisher

Date Started – 24 January 2022

Data Finished 8 February 2022

The Book in 3 Sentences

  1. The book is based on the premise that wealth is not solely determined by one’s financial situation, but also by one’s mindset and habits. Anyone can become a millionaire by adopting the right attitude, setting achievable goals, and taking consistent action.

  2. The book speaks of the Millionaire Mindset, moving to finding your purpose, creating multiple streams of income, importantly investing in yourself, the power of positive relationships, living below your means and finally developing wealthy habits.

  3. Overall, “The Instant Millionaire” is a practical, motivational guide to wealth creation. The author provides a roadmap for success, along with actionable advice and inspiring stories from successful individuals. The book is ideal for anyone looking to improve their financial situation and create lasting wealth.


The greatest law governing the human mind – ”When logic and imagination are in conflict, invariably imagination takes over.”

When there is a disagreement or discrepancy between our rational thoughts (logic) and our imaginative thoughts (imagination), our imagination tends to have more influence and dominance. This means that our imagination, often driven by emotions and feelings, has a stronger impact on our decision-making and behavior than our logical reasoning. This highlights the importance of being mindful of our imagination and ensuring that it aligns with our logical reasoning, rather than letting our imagination control our decisions and actions.

My Top 3 Quotes

  • “Successful people never stop learning.”
  • “You can’t get rich while you’re still playing it safe.”
  • “The size of your city is the circumference you give it.” ( the Rome of your mind)

Who should read it


This book is ideal for individuals who:

  1. Want to learn about financial planning and wealth creation: The book provides practical advice and tips on how to grow your wealth and improve your financial situation.
  2. Are looking to start a business or invest in stocks: The author covers the importance of building multiple streams of income and provides insights into business and investment opportunities.
  3. Want to improve their personal development: The book focuses on the importance of personal growth and development and provides practical advice on how to achieve it.
  4. Want to cultivate a positive outlook: The author emphasizes the importance of a positive, optimistic outlook and provides tips for developing a more positive mindset.
  5. Want to learn about the habits and practices of successful people: The book provides insights into the habits and practices of successful individuals and encourages readers to adopt these habits for themselves.

Overall, “The Instant Millionaire” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking financial security and wealth, and provides practical advice, inspiration, and motivation to help readers achieve their goals.