Anita & Prabjeet

Behind every successful man is a woman – Is it true?

Spending 20 years with a woman, this is my take

I am what I am and able to soar the skies much high, because of my wife Anita Tourani. She has been not just a partner legally but she has been with me in all my crazy and non-crazy endeavors.

🛩️ Sky diving from jumping out of a fully functional plane @ 16,000 feet (sky diving)

🏔️ Hiking to Mount Everest Base camp @ 17,598 feet

🚴 Cycling Singapore-Malak-Singapore for 540km

🏃 Running Marathons

💵 As a CPA being, she is my financial expert in-house for all my companies

✈️ Flying a plane (Single-engine Cessna)

🛕 Making me start going to Sikh Gurudwara (temple) which I have been doing daily for more than 20 years.

🪂 Hot-Air Balloon views of Bagan’s 8,000 temples and pagodas, all of which are nigh on impossible to visit on land.

⛸️ Ice Skating,

🛶 Parasailing,

⛸ Roller Balding,  Hang Gliding, Para Motor Gliding and so many more……

Most of all believing in me, even when I had only $05 in my bank account, and still decided to marry me.

She has been the go-to person, and a great friend (Sound cliche, but in real)

Finally, behind every successful man, there are a lot of unsuccessful years and if you have the right partner those years become your foundation to success.

Our journey is summarized in 20 photos