🔍 In this video, I delve deep into the world of DALL-E 3, OpenAI’s groundbreaking AI art generator. Find out how it’s transforming creativity in both the corporate sphere and personal projects. Get ready for an exciting journey through the capabilities of DALL-E 3 and how it compares with other AI image generators like Midjourney.

What’s Inside:
-Introduction to DALL-E 3: Learn about this advanced AI image generator and how it’s different from its predecessors and competitors.

-Practical Applications: See real-life examples of how DALL-E 3 can be utilized in corporate presentations and personal projects like comic strips.

-Prompt Engineering: Uncover the secrets of writing effective prompts to get the best results from DALL-E 3. Plus, a sneak peek into my free mini-course on basic prompt engineering!

-Live Demonstrations: Watch as I create stunning infographics and comic panels using DALL-E 3, illustrating its versatility and power.

👍 Why Watch This Video?
Stay Ahead: Whether you’re a marketer, artist, or just a tech enthusiast, understanding DALL-E 3’s capabilities puts you at the forefront of AI-driven creativity.

Learn & Apply: Gain valuable insights into prompt engineering and how to leverage DALL-E 3 for your projects.

Inspiration for Creatives: Discover new ways to infuse AI art into your work, whether for business or pleasure.

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hi let’s talk about DALL E 3 today what’s DALL E 3 it   is open AI art generator image generator uh it’s   similar to Mid journey and other image generators  out there it’s all AI image generators right they   generate a unique AI image based on the prompt  now I didn’t find it very useful till the past   it was useful for my marketing team uh not very  great but yes it is coming but now with di Tre   uh it has gone to a very great level you can  utilize it and that’s that’s where the whole  


video came in so recently I’ve used it in  one of presentations and it is coming to a   part where you can utilize it it’s smarter it’s  become better and interestingly I was also able   to use it for one of my nephew who needed a comic  strip for his project so before I think it’s just   for comic strips or just fun thing but yes you  can use in the corporate world now you should   know how to use it so let’s not waste time let me  jump in and show you how d is or can be useful and  


how you can use it and how you can write a prom  to get it out there all right see you there all   right so we add here open AI DALL E 3 and it says  understand sign more and the details from   previous system allowing you to easily translate  your ideas into accurate images now that’s where   uh di 2 or others way fairly miserably right  now they’ve included this in the chart GPT so   it’s not in the chart 3.


5 but if you have the  plus version you can just click on Chat now I   give an example how I use it all right so let’s  look at one of the infographics I said create   infographic about uh Rising population based on  the continents now this is very generic one you   can use a different one now first it explains you  what are a different types of infographics it can   give it can give you a photo style illustrator  style a vector style and a cart style now in   a corporate setting a vector Vector style is  the most relevant one to give an idea that’s   something is Vector that’s cartoon photo and the  illustrator one so photo illustrator Vector conso  


right now because we are in a corate setup  so what I did is just to explain you I said   create infographic in a vector style now what  it do it create four different images now I can   use this straight way download them and use  into my power presentation now how better is   a prompt is the better of your images you can  redo it you can ask diary to create more you   can keep modifying the promt that’s why there’s  importance of prompt engineering a basic prompt   engineering I have a free mini Course available I’ll link it somewhere so you can also learn  


it’s just 10 minutes course it gets you to the  basics it explains to you how to define a role and   things and how to get a better image out of a  prompt right now that’s on the copyright word   we use but interestingly I was talking about my  nephews so I asked him to create a prompt so he   spent time create a very interestingly big prompt  and it did generate uh for photos gener I know it   has a combination of creating four photos I  think I don’t know the logic but I think it   fits right okay now this photos are good creative  can be used in a comic but didn’t make any sense  


because they were not connected to the story uh  then I asked him to recreate and write the bit   of prompt and then he went and structured into  panels so okay panel one panel two panel three   panel four panel 5 and explain what’s happening  in every comic scrip now it was able to create   better so it created four Images explained what  the four Images does then they said okay let me   do the remaining four you create the four and  explain it you can use it in a corporate world   you can use it for your marketing team or any  other team now the great idea or or I think the  


basic idea behind is not having that facility but  writing the prompt right so I encourage everybody   to learn prompt engineering very basic prompt  engineering to understand how to write a prompt   because better The Prompt the better result  all right so have a nice day that’s all for today