“Day by Day” indicates a consistent, regular, and routine exploration into AI.

It mirrors the progression and rapid advancements we see in AI.

“In AI” narrows down the focus, emphasizing that the insights shared pertain specifically to AI.

“Day by Day” isn’t just a catchy phrase – it’s our promise to keep you updated with the ever-evolving realm of AI. Think of it like your daily coffee ☕, but instead of caffeine, you’re getting a jolt of AI knowledge.

In every episode, we’ll unwrap AI’s latest happenings, discoveries, and wonders. Are you curious how AI is changing the way we order pizza 🍕 or how it’s making our cities smarter 🌆? We’ve got you covered.

Our aim? To make AI fun and understandable for everyone, whether you’re a techie or just curious about the future. Let’s embark on this journey together and uncover the magic behind AI. After all, the future is happening “Day by Day in AI.”



hi welcome I’m very excited today because  eventually I’m starting the channel called day   in Day by AI it’s been a month I’ve been deciding  on the name the logo getting t-shirt printed get   the content creation today I’m very excited at  last I’m starting it why I’m starting this channel   what is it for everybody let me break it down now  I’ve been into AI for more than eight months now   pretty excited learning things and all the stuff  and I see there’s more lot of noise out there than  


the actual value so I said um anyway spending a  lot of time figuring out what’s happening how it’s   working which tools work which don’t work what’s  Ai and I was thinking how do I do it can I super   simplify for everybody around and then share it  to people so in the process I’m learning but I   can able to give you value where you don’t  have to go through the noise and probably I   bring you something which is useful it’s a bite  size uh you get updated what’s happening around  


so that’s the whole idea I welcome you on  this journey with me I don’t know how and   where it’s going to end but I’m super excited  that it’s starting and I can bring value to you guys