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Are you tired of traditional language learning methods? Get ready to be blown away! In our latest video, we unveil how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing language learning. Say goodbye to old-school techniques and hello to AI-powered ease and efficiency!

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Planning a trip to Spain or India? Discover how AI tools like chatbots and voice interaction features make learning essential phrases a breeze. Perfect for travelers seeking quick and effective communication skills!

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Real-Time Conversations: Interact with AI in real-time, getting instant feedback and corrections.

Voice Conversations: Learn on the go with voice interaction features, ideal for busy lifestyles.

Cultural Insights: Not just words, but understanding the context and cultural nuances of the language.

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Watch as we explore:

AI chatbots in browsers and mobile apps.
Voice conversation features for hands-free learning.
Real examples of AI correcting and teaching Hindi phrases and grammar.

🔍 Beyond Words: Picture-Based Learning! 🖼️
Learn how uploading images can enhance your language skills. A unique approach to understanding and describing the world around you in a new language.

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hi welcome so today we’re going to see how AI is  helping in language learning how the tools that   are available today makes it so simple so easy  that it’s actually killing the traditional way   of language right so let’s look at simply let’s  say I’m traveling Spain and I want to quickly   learn few words uh of communication so that it  helps me doing that or I’m traveling to India I   want learn Hindi and how does sit out so it’s  pretty quick to do that and on the other side  


of the spectrum that means I’m learning a new  language now the challenge in learning a new   language always to have a partner or a person  who can listen to you respond to you and be   patient enough which we don’t find so this AI is  coming in filling that Gap they’re patient enough   they’re ready to listen to you they’re ready to  give you feedback where you’re wrong and that’s   so super exciting because that helps you cross  the biggest hurdle of learning a new language  


now B has a different way of doing it j’s got a  different way of using it now when you use a B   on the browser you know it has an option to speak  to you it has an option of uploading a file which   it can describe now uploading a file you could  just upload a file and it to explain you in that   language you can ask speak to it and tell it to  check whether your grammar is correct we do ton   of things with part now chat GPT is not behind if  you look at the mobile app under the beta version  


they got something called voice conversation now  this interesting you hit the voice conversation   and you can start conversing you don’t have to 2  Pro it just automatically starts I can just tell   him okay I’m going to Spain can you help me with  few words I don’t know Spanish so I’ll try I’m   traveling to India can you help me with some words  that will help me in the communications we look at   both the tools how B it works and then we look at  how Chad video Let’s so I’m super excited about  


it and super excited to show you guys so let’s  start with b on the browser first and then maybe   on memor and then you guys can use it the way you  want all right so let’s start with the but uh let   me give it a prompt so I would give it a prompt  and I’ll say I’m traveling to India I would love   to get started with simple communication words I  head go uh start searching all the stuff now once   it gets the data I can ask you to read out to me  so going to finish the conversation writing down  


and then ion comes here to listen now so I just  click on that here are some simple communication   words that you can learn for your trip to India  greetings Namaste Namaste Hello Goodbye sh Prat   sh Prat good morning Namar Nam good afternoon  good evening thank you how are [Music] you I’m   fine common phrases huh H yes no what where  when how much t t t t a little bit so that’s   beautiful that’s a good start right now it  I can just go ahead and ask it whether I’m   saying it rightly or wrong um let me try that out  in Hindi the word we used to say yes is [Music]


n no the word in Hindi used to say yes is Han  not nahi nahi means no you can use Han in a   variety of contexts such as when responding  to a question greeting someone or thanking   them for example you would say Han if someone  asked you if you wanted a cup of chai or if   they thanked you for helping them with their  luggage all right that’s brilliant okay let   me see if it works good with the grammar uh can  you help me checking if my grammar is correct in [Music] Hindi the good thing is it it’s not only tells me that  this is correct uh it also tells me the importance  


of it it keeps the history of my understanding  where it understands I’m traveling to India which   we all know every large language model has this  capability so I think it’s very brilliant in that   way to correcting me giving me the context of  what’s happening I’m pretty blown off with this   all right so let’s upload a picture and see  what happen uh so let me just take a cartoon   picture and then see how does it do so I’ll ask  him to describe this in Hindi so that I learn  


the language better let’s see what it does okay  let’s see go ahead the image can be described as follows it’s pretty interesting right it’s  is able to even uh tell me about a picture   so that I can learn so there multiple ways of  doing that you can do it either uh asking me to   tell you you can do by conversation or you can  do by uploading a picture and also you can ask   whether your grammar is correct or no I mean I  don’t know at free I don’t know what can you get   more I this is interesting mindblowing I mean  it’s just your imagination how you can use it  


but I would say go give it a try right now this  is good now let’s look at CH GPD which is on the   mobile version what I particularly like about  it there is no picture upload there but I can   have continuous conversation for that I don’t  need to pause it with the voice conversation   feature it just becomes interesting so  let’s explore that now all right so we in   the chat GPT uh to enable it you have to go  in settings and you go to Beta features and   you see something called voice conversations  enable that once you enable it on the screen  


you see headsets here headset icon I click on  the and it starts connecting to the network hi   I’m traveling to India and could you help me with  some common Hindi words that will help me in my travel of course I’d be happy to help  you with some common Hindi words and   phrases for your travels in India  what specific words or phrases are   you looking to learn I’m looking to  learn common yes no thank you kind of [Music] words sure here are some common Hindi  words and phrases one yes h two no


Nim I hope these words and phrases help you  during your travels in India if you have   any more questions or need further assistance  feel free to ask okay uh just want to check   if I got it right so you say n for yes or  [Music] no I apologize for any confusion   nahim is the word for no in Hindi not yes  Han is the word for yes so to clarify yes   is Han no is nahim I hope this clears it  up for you if you have any more questions   or need further assistance feel free to ask  that definitely helps I would love to learn  


a little bit of Hindi I’ll come back to you  on that and we’ll start from a beginner’s level that sounds like a great idea whenever  you’re ready to start learning h Hindi or if   you have any other questions in the  future just reach out to me I’ll be   here to assist you with learning Hindi  or any other travel related queries enjoy   your trip to India and I look forward to  helping you with your language learning Journey wow there you go how easy has it  become well I would need to call a friend  


get some information do things and this has  just become super brilliant super easy for   travelers for language learnings let me  know your thoughts I’m super excited I’m   sure you’re going to use it when I travel  next how about you have a nice day thank you